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Meet The Maker Week - Introduce Yourself

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We’re a little slow to start, but we’re taking up the #MeetTheMakerWeek challenge set by Joanne Hawker.

So, here’s Jude, the super-duper maker of everything FORM London!

Jude works from her home studio (garage) in Surrey where she lives with a wonderful hairy man called Adam and their dog Millie.

How did Jude end up with her dream job of designing and making jewellery? It's been a bit of a winding road. Jude discovered her passion for making at a young age. Her father was a keen woodworker and passed on his love of design. She studied Jewellery Design at Central St Martins but ended up working to pay the rent after uni. For a while, Jude was in danger of losing touch with her creative beginnings until she ended up teaching art at a college in North London.

Finally! She’d found a job where she could learn more skills and play with new materials. It's here that Jude gets her hands on a laser cutter for the first time. She loved being in a creative environment, and helping others to create their pieces but missed doing something for herself.

Fast forward a few years and Jude finally sets up her own business with friends (Alice & Amber). From working with Amber & Alice, Jude built the confidence she didn't have straight out of uni. So, with Jude’s incredible design talents it was a natural progression for us to work on creating a jewellery brand together.

FORM London is born!

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