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What drives Jude to keep designing and making?

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Day number 4 of #MeetTheMakerWeek and this one’s a toughie. The big question. WHY?

So what drives Jude to keep designing and making? She describes it as a compulsion. The need to create is an itch she must scratch. Go too long without indulging it, and she goes a little crazy.

Jude loves the contrast between the two main aspects of her work, design and making. Designing is a challenge, to capture an intangible idea and realise it as a functional object. She enjoys figuring out how each piece will work, what will and won't be possible, which materials to use.

Making, however, is pure zen. Once the jewellery has been tested and is ready for production, you get into something called The Flow. The world recedes, and you can just make.

What does Jude enjoy most about working for herself? The freedom! To work her own hours. Plus, she gets to spent most days with her dog Millie. Who’s incredible as you can see, at least she is when she’s not eating the furniture!

Millie the dog

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